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The Characteristics of a Quality Lobby Sign

One of the things that make a big impact on people are first impressions. They generally determine how seriously or lightly you will be taken. Things like the shoes you wear, your clothes and even your hair and how well it is kept are key to making an opinion. Hence, the importance of ensuring that first impressions are good because they can be long-lasting. When it comes to a business, one of the things that play a key role in the making first impressions is the lobby sign. This is because, it is likely to be the first thing a customer sees when they enter your premises. The objective is to make the business memorable and make the customer want to be associated with the business.

A quality and memorable lobby sign would be very vital in making such a lasting impression. First component to consider in a lobby sign is its color. According to corporate culture, color is one of those things that uniquely identifies a business. Many businesses that stand out today do so because of the colors they use and how easy it is for customers to identify these colors. Therefore, there is need to ensure that the lobby sign bears the color associated with the business. Thanks to the functioning of their human brain, colors are less likely to be forgotten and can create quite a lasting impression. Colors are associated with certain meanings and therefore the color you choose should represent your organization and its vision in meaning.

Moreover, a quality lobby sign should also be catchy. It is one of the first tools that is used to capture the customer’s attention. It cannot afford to be boring or dull. Factors like brightness, font and even size of the lobby sign are key to drawing the attention of customers. A lot of people like beautiful things and are therefore likely to make decisions on the basis of what they see. Simply, the lobby sign should be interesting in a way that sways the customers decisions in favor of the business.

Lastly, the location is another characteristic of a quality lobby sign. You should have heard the story of lighting a lamp and then putting it under a table. Even when something is good, its effectiveness can be lost if it is put in the wrong place. likewise, the brightness, beauty and creativity over lobby sign will not be important if put in the wrong place. Just as a banner is held high, a lobby sign should be treated the same way. The location should be easily noticeable and impossible to ignore.
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